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Marketing and Publishing Your New Book

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Written by Annie Jennings   

You can get publicity on yourself, your book and your business with a few simple tips. Publicity for book marketing allows you to achieve the media placements of your dreams and with the right publicity know-how you'll be able to break into top national TV shows, get booked on high listenership radio interviews with professional publicist technique and strategy. So get ready to delve into the world of book marketing, book publicity, author marketing and author publicity. It's fun and is not so hard.

PUBLICITY TOOLS ARE KEY TO SUCCESS IN BOOK MARKETING INCLUDING IN YOUR BOOK MARKETING ONLINE SUCCESS : The right publicity tools are key to your book marketing success. Before your first book marketing call to the media, create the materials you will need such as a press release, press kits, video demo or audio demo. If you have everything you need ready in advance, when your target media asks you to email your media bio or view your media demo you can get the requested materials right over to them without delay, optimizing your book marketing success. Once you capture the media's attention with book marketing strategy, you have to act fast to keep it. There should never be a delay in sending the materials or doing what they ask you to do next, may cost you the media opportunity. Now, that's good book marketing.

BOOK MARKETING: SET APPROPRIATE PUBLICITY, PR, BOOK PUBLICITY AND BOOK MARKETING GOALS - CREATE BOOK MARKETING STRATEGY INCLUDING BOOK MARKETING ONLINE: Have short and long term publicity and book marketing goals. You will need to have resources to find the names of the producers and bookers and contact information. Targeting the right media contact will greatly increase your chances of getting booked. If your goal is to be on the OPRAH WINFREY SHOW within the year, you have a lot of work to do. Your book marketing strategy will required lots of media. Get booked on name brand media outlets that include radio shows and TV shows to gain experience, help you define your topic and create national expert status for yourself. Book marketing is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. Sometimes its better to work with a book marketing expert.